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“With so many organisations in the media industry recognizing the importance of their staff’s working environment, culture, and benefits, Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) is proud to sponsor Best Places To Work in TV.
UPPM is the world’s leading production music company featuring a music catalogue of unrivalled breadth and depth, crafted specifically for media use. Covering all genres, moods, emotions and project types, UPPM’s ever-expanding library is created by a roster of top artists and composers from around the globe. UPPM produces imaginative music and builds creative partnerships to form a suite of labels that add depth and individuality to our catalogue - each with its own unique style and heritage. Dedicated to helping clients create emotional and memorable audiovisual experiences, UPPM offers full music supervision service including: free music searches, bespoke music edits, re-versioning and commissioned music
Our success is the result of all the hard work of our talented staff and writers and why we were quick to get involved in Broadcasts Best Places To Work In TV.”

For more informationabot Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM) vist their website at www.unippmglobal.com

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